Tips to Keep Your Car Clean Longer


Keeping the car clean and the scent is not an easy task, especially with the daily handling of the vehicle. To help you keep your car clean, we’ve put together six important and useful tips for doing this.

Tips are given below can to the car cleaner longer-

1. Keep the car free of food

To keep your car sanitized for longer, it is important that you create the habit of collecting the packages (food, drink, child candy) and throw them away at each end of the day. It will not take long for you to notice that your car stays cleaner and smells more pleasant.

2. Every week do a basic cleaning

This is not an arduous task when done regularly, as there will not be much to collect (after you have created the habit of collecting the packages) so that you can do it quickly and efficiently. Try vacuuming carpets and upholstery. Doing this weekly cleaning will make the dirt that can lead the car to smell unpleasantly go away.

3. Try to shake the car mats

Rugs tend to get dirty quickly. Try shaking at least once a week to remove stones, dirt, plant material, and anything else on top of them. This will ensure that your car stays sanitized for longer.

4. Clean the inside of the car windows

Clean the inside of the windows and all other components of the car regularly using the glass cleaner, or other means you deem appropriate (be sure to test in a discreet location to make sure it will not leave stains.)

5. Use odor-eliminating products

If you still notice odors in your car after regular cleanings, use products like spray. Look for an odor spray that not only masks but also eliminates it. If the smell comes from the car’s air conditioning system, spray the inside of the car by placing the heater on recirculation, and leave it for about 5 minutes.

6. Use Car Flavors

Leave your car with the scent of your favorite fragrance using flavorings of your choice.
A sanitized car is a rewarding result not only for you but also for your “ride”. Also, a car that smells good is a sign of care and can make all the difference, should you ever want to sell it.

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