Some tips on how to clean and remove grease from the windshield

Some tips on how to clean and remove grease from the windshield

Sometimes we have the feeling that the windshield is greasy and it is no use squirting water until the reservoir is finished. The dust, the driver’s hand and insects that hit the glass end up leaving waste on the windshield.

If you are one of those who only put water in the windshield wiper container, knows that the market offers several types of detergent, specific to cars. The 100ml bottles cost between $ 4 and $ 10.

Mechanical technician Jailson Mendonça Carvalho, from a workshop in Baixada Fluminense, recalls that some drivers use dishwashing detergent. However, it alerts you to the amount of product mixed into the water in the windshield wiper tube.

“The use of dishwashing detergent in the windscreen wiper is not recommended because there is a risk of putting too much detergent and causing too much foam. What’s more, the detergent residue can stain the glass and impair the driver’s vision, not to mention the sun can stain the car’s bodywork. Therefore, it is advisable to use specific products, “says the mechanic.

Already to clean the windshield during the complete washing of the car, see the tips of the mechanic:

– Use newspaper or paper towel, as they do not loose lint and are efficient

– In a bucket, put some water and neutral detergent, but be careful not to overdo it.

– Remove all excess detergent with plenty of water

– If you have, use a small squeegee to remove excess water

– Use the newspaper or paper towel to dry the glass completely

“By following these basic tips, you’ll have a windshield always clean. In the case of stains on the glass, I suggest using alcohol. But only in the spot, “adds Mendonça Carvalho.

He also emphasizes the importance of not leaving soapy water residue on the bodywork to prevent stains. Therefore, it advises that all excess of the mixture is withdrawn with enough water.

“Even in the windshield wiper or during a general car wash, it is important to remove all residues from the mixture, as the contact of the sun with the bodywork can mark the car, especially metallic paint,” he says.

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